Local Baha’i – Jamal Ahangarzadeh

Pilgrimage to Maku


Allāh’u ʼAbhā “God is the Most Glorious” is a greeting that Baháʼís use when they meet each other

Jamal Ahangarzadeh was born in a small town of Salmas (Shahpour) located in the north western region of Azerbaijan, Persia (Iran).

He and his brother Mansour moved to Tehran with his mother to finish high school and later he and Mansour came to the US to continue their higher education.

He served 10 years at the World Centre in Haifa, Israel, as Coordinator of the Department of Works. Jamal says, “these were the best years of his life!” He also has wonderful pictures that he is happy to share about his work and the buildings there.

Chihriq (Chehrig):

His family and two uncles in Salmas, were points of contact for those Baha’is who came on pilgrimage to Chehrig. There were no adequate places in Salmas to eat or lodge so they provided accommodation and transportation and a travel guide

As children he and his brother and sister were blessed to learn the importance of service from their parents and put it in action in the presence of pilgrims.

Mah-ku (Maku):

The same situation was true for the city of Maku. His father and the point of contact in Maku kept in touch and exchanged valuable information regarding safety and protection of pilgrims.

He has put together a slideshow of  The Prison Fortress of Maku so that you can see the landscape and what it looks like today.


The city of Tabriz was a much larger city. The Government owns and manages our holy places as any other property they own.

Bahá’is go on pilgrimage to these places because the Báb, the forerunner to the Bahá’i Faith, was imprisoned there. If you’d like to learn more about the Báb you can read about him in The Báb – Herald of the Bahá’í Faith