Baha’is in the Thurston County area gathered together on Saturday October 1st for a regional Convention. Once each year, a convention like this is held in all regions throughout the world where Baha’is reside .- it’s called a “Unit convention”. It gives them the opportunity to engage in the exciting task of consulting on the growth and development of the Faith in their region. It is also the event at which they elect a delegate who will travel months later to a National convention in Wilmette Illinois to elect the National Representatives for the Baha’i Faith in the United States. In the Baha’i Faith this electoral process is held without nominations or any form of electioneering.
Consultation at the Convention focused on current Baha’i efforts to build vibrant communities and spread the healing message of Baha’u’llah. There was also consultation on the ongoing educational endeavors which are given great importance throughout the various Baha’i communities in the region and throughout the world.   Live music enhanced the atmosphere of this important once-a-year opportunity for members of the Baha’i Community throughout the Thurston County region gather in a spirit of friendship and fellowship.