The Universal House of Justice Seat in Haifa, IsraelWithin the past several days, there have been incidents which our governmental leaders must have observed, and must have drawn conclusions similar to mine.

  1. Afghanistan has fallen to the Taliban. The Taliban say that women’s rights are defined, and then stop a taxi with a woman going to work, pull her from the taxi, and then whip her, for daring to have a job outside of the home.
  2. International news media has published pictures of distant parts of China, showing the creation of farms of missle silos. These are not friendly creations, to promote international peace, but are to house international ballistic missles, capable of causing wide damage.
  3. South-east asia has shown a callous disregard for the existence of other nations and national citizents.
  4. North Korea admits to but a single case of Covid, while keeping their borders securely closed.
  5. Putin, in Russia, makes some sounds indicating a desire to “integrate” with Western Europe and North America, and other sounds which seem to signal a desire to return to the “glory days” of Communist Russia.

To me, this confluence of events, each one of at least moderate international concern, and some of more serious concern, demonstrate the increasing importance of recognizing and addressing such actions as of high importance, and the need to address these events in an international forum.

Our world has tended to ignore such needs. After all, can everything be a “big deal”? And the answer is a resounding “Yes”, and everything will continue to be a “big deal” until the Western European and North American nations, together, address the concern, and at least provide a minimum substantive response. Such a response, coming into view at this time, would seem to be very large, but this is only because the issue has been so completely ignored for such a long time. IT IS TIME FOR THOSE NATIONS TO RECOGNIZE THAT AN EFFECTIVE WORLD-LEVEL GOVERNMENT MUST BECOME A REALITY.

Part of the reason that the concept has been ignored for so long is because diplomats have recognized that they will be immediately critized by other nations as trying to “be in charge.” The other nations must recognize that continuing to ignore the lack of a world legislature will be to the large disadvantage of ALL NATIONS.

Part of the reason that the concept has been ignored for so long is because there is no blueprint, no instruction book explaining just how to proceed with such a task. Consequently, errors will be made, and no one wants to have earned the title of Mistake-Maker.

Yet a third part of the reason is that the legislators recognize that they will have to create the structure, and advocate for its adoption. They know, they absolutely know, that this operation will be flawed, and that there is no “safe” solution.

It does seem, to this one, that they must now recognize that the world has changed, that it is important to do this (“create an international government”), and that it MUST be done. It is the adult thing to do.

A possible approach: Recognize the huge importance and the truly massive scope of such an undertaking. Recognize that such efforts in past centuries have been with the blessing and support of this or that religious entity. Recognize that they’ve not considered that there might be a “spiritual solution”, that the demands of the effort are truly massive, and consider that God really is real, and that a relative newcomer on the global spiritual stage just might have some concepts which could provide significant assistance, conceptually and organizationally.

Consider: “The world is but one country, and mankind its citizens.”–Baha’u’llah. This is a statement with large implications, that wherein each person has a dual responsibility, one to the person’s nation, one to the world.

Have you, one individual, seriously considered your world citizenship?

At this writing, the date is 18 Aug 2021, for perhaps another 10 minutes. The writer is Leon Stevens, one who is concerned with our world, and its state.

Image is the Universal House of Justice Seat in Haifa, Israel.